.....Thanks to your generousity, we have raised over $55,000 for Massachusetts children in need!

How we work

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How we work

What we do is actually quite simple.  We provide a non-profit conduit that connects people who want to help, directly with those in need.

Cribs, baby clothes and basinetts being delivered to a local community outreach center for delivery to families.

On a typical day, we’ll receive an email from a donor who has 2 car seats and a stroller they want to donate.  Since we are a recognized 501c3 non-profit organization, they receive a tax deduction for giving those items to us.  We will arrange a drop off time, and reach out to some of the families that we know need help, or one of the service organizations in the region that serves hundreds of families from their location, to see if it’s something they need.  Usually, those things go pretty quickly, which is great because our ability to store them is limited.

Later in the day, we’ll hear from a social worker at DSS who has a family in desperate need of diapers and who’s formal allotment has run out.   They’ve exhausted all of the state resources, and we’ll simply run out and buy what they need, and arrange for them to pick it up.   Before the day ends, we’ll get an email from a parent with extra formula or baby food to donate, or a group of high school students interested in running a baby food drive in their school.

Always, the happy time is when we find out about donations that were received that day.  Cash donations are the biggest help of all, for three main reasons.  First and foremost is that it’s just easier to handle a check for $250, than it is to handily 500 jars of baby food.   Secondly, since we buy our baby food wholesale directly from Beech Nut, we can buy 1000+ jars of baby food for the same $250, and have it delivered directly from the factory to a local shelter. Lastly, having funds in the account gives us the versatility to buy only what we need, when we need it.  Donating 5 boxes of size 3 diapers is awesome, and we really want them – but when a social worker calls and needs size 1 diapers for a preemie baby, we need to have the funds and flexibility to just run out and buy them.

Some things that we’re often looking for are new or near mint baby clothes, newer car seats (under five years old) and strollers.  One of the hottest “in demand” items would be a pack and play or porta-crib.  If you have one of those up for grabs, we’d be thrilled to have it.  We don’t accept used books or toys, because we don’t have the room for them,  or used bottles and stuffed animals for sanitary reasons.

Sam Levine delivers 2000 meals of baby food, collected by Shrewsbury and Northboro children, to Ron Charette, Director of the South Worcester Neighborhood Center.

A note on cribs.   We used to take cribs all the time, but we don’t anymore due to the many different recalls surrounding them.  On top of that, we’re afraid of cribs coming to us taken apart, and being given to a family that may not have the capacity to know how to properly put it together.  That said, we do try to “match up” people who need cribs, with people who have one to donate – and then the two of them can work out a transfer.  If you have a crib, or need a crib, just post it below, along with your name, email, and the town you live in, and we’ll see if we can find a match for it.