.....Thanks to your generousity, we have raised over $55,000 for Massachusetts children in need!

The Massachusetts Children’s Fund Mission Statement

The goal of the Massachusetts Children’s Fund is to fulfill the needs of thousands of underprivileged children across the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by using private donations to provide baby food, health and nutritional education, and other emergency services to those in need. We will achieve these objectives through 5 main pathways. (1) To raise funds through private and corporate donations, and available grant programs, to provide baby food and other supplies to children in need. The lack of baby food in Massachusetts is critical, and is contributing to undernourishment throughout the region on a daily basis. We pick up where state programs such as W.I.C., Food Stamps, and TAFDC fall short. (2) To spearhead grass roots volunteer efforts to work within their schools, social groups, or towns to run baby food drives on their own, and direct the supplies to us for distribution. (3) To organize volunteer workers, able to provide nutritional education, including information on child health, and proper prenatal care to visit local shelters and talk to parents.  We need to educate teen mothers to understand that there is a difference between baby food, and a chopped up hotdog, fed to a 3 month old infant. (4) To provide a vehicle for the public donation of gently used cribs, gates, strollers, walkers, playpens, and other such supplies in the knowledge that many children wind up “in the DSS system” due to severe injuries that could have been avoided if the parents only had the proper equipment in the home – things they cannot afford to buy. (5) To set aside 5% of our assets to provide an emergency resource of a small pool of non-directed funds which can be directly distributed to children in dire emergency situations.  We’re there for the social workers to call on when they need “no questions asked” access to funds “outside the system.” We are a 501c3 nonprofit organization, registered in Massachusetts. A copy of our 501c3 determination letter is available to all donors on request.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________

Dear Sam,
I wanted to thank you on behalf of myself and the mother who received the diapers and food today. Your help really made such a big difference for the mother. When she came in for her appointment today, and stopped by the desk, I showed her all the diapers and the food and told her they were all for her. She couldn’t believe it and said she wanted to cry- it really meant so much to her to receive your help and generosity. I think that this also meant so much more than getting the supplies she needed. I might have mentioned it before, but when she came to us, she explained she really had no family or friends to turn to here, and I think your kindness was especially touching for her, knowing that there are people who do care about her and her children.
I just want to say thank you again from the bottom of my heart, because when I saw her leave with all the supplies today, I saw not only a mother who got the items she needed, I saw someone who was relieved to find kindness in a situation where she has felt alone for a while. So, on a personal level, I also want to thank you because I got to see her have renewed hope. 
Soa Andrian